BRC, The Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

Primoreels was founded in 2008 on the idea of lidding not only smarter but also cleaner hygienic than any other known solutions.

Primoreels discovered that lids supplied on reels rather than in stacks could be fed onto filling machines without ever being touched by human hands, which eliminated the risk of cross contamination.

Safety is thus embedded in the DNA of Primoreels, and we have always prided ourselves for delivering products that are of the highest quality not only in terms of quality but also in term of safety.

For Primoreels it was therefore a logical next step to align our quality system with the requirements set out in the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, a process we started in 2016.

Over a period of period of eighteen months, the seven sections of the BRC standard were implemented in the Primoreels quality system: 

  1. Senior management commitment and continual improvement
  2. The food safety plan (HACCP)
  3. Food safety and quality management system
  4. Site standard
  5. Product control
  6. Process control
  7. Personnel

During the alignment process, procedures were changed and the site facilities were improved, making Primoreels stronger and more committed than ever before. For Primoreels the journey towards BRC accreditation created an even stronger basis for further future expansion.

In 2017, Primoreels succeed in achieving AA ration on its first ever BRC certificate.