Lower costs

Cost-efficient packaging with improved customer experience

Lower your costs by up to 30% of the basic commodity price by using thinner lids with a faster and easier printing/cutting process.

Primoreels are market leader within this unique printing/ converting technique which allows the production to run in line with both print and die cutting.

  • No expensive extra snap-on cover lids. Primoreels® PET lids have superior puncture resistance so you can eliminate snap-on cover lids.
  • Save manpower.  Primoreels® mean quicker and less frequent refills. 
  • Save storage space. Primoreels® need 50% less storage space than conventional lids.
  • Thinner lids. Primoreels® systems operate with metalized PET lids as thin as 36 or even 23 microns.

Primoreels® lids are easy to peel.

Traditional aluminum die cut lids often tear during opening.

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