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    Primoreels is a producer and supplier of sealable lidding foils to the dairy and food industry. We are proud to be the supplier to well-known companies like Arla Foods, Danone, Lactalis, Ülker and many others.

    The reason for the great expansion and success of Primoreels which was founded in 2008, has been that we are a flexible supplier of lidding materials, who can offer our clients not only a high quality of lidding materials, but we have also developed new systems for applying sealable lids onto cups, which can be implemented onto existing filling and packing machines of various types and brands, thereby allowing new types of materials and thinner materials to be used as lidding films. The new systems result in savings for the lidding costs, while at the same time being a more environmental friendly approach.

    Our statement “Primoreels – Your flexible partner” is something we take very seriuosly and when working with Primoreels, we treal all clients with the same attention – no orders are too big or small for our company which has resulted in a reputation for a company delivering timely, high-quality, innovative lidding solutions, that satisfies our customer’s needs..