Primoreels® offers a material structure of coated paper and CoEx sealing layer. The material is beneficial for e.g. dry products, and offers a unique and authentic look to the final product.

  • Sealable to PS/PP/PET/PVC etc.
  • Thickness of 128 microns
  • Easy peel
  • Low cost

Up to 20,000 lids on a reel, enough for one day’s production. Suitable for ice cream, desserts, instant noodles, snacks, etc. Has lower barrier properties than PET.

  • Easy to install
  • Improved printing quality compared to lids with embossed surface
  • Highly hygienic system, including UV treatment
  • Simple, efficient and inexpensive
  • Reduced storage and freight costs.

The Primoreels Lidding System is successfully installed on numerous filling mashines around the World. Today the Primoreels System is considered by many of our customers to be the lidding system of the future.

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