Frontpage – Welcome to Primoreels® – lidding made easy. The Primoreels® Lidding System is a patented money saving lid-system with seals for dairy product that is easy to install – Lowers CO2 impact and saves manpower through quicker and less frequent refills. Worldwide delivery.

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Sealable lids – Our Primoreels seals are of high thin quality, improves your packaging processes and saves you money! Up to 40.000 seals on a reel for resource effective material use and it is also a highly hygienic system. Take a look here.

PRIMOpaper – The PRIMOpaper is a material structure of coated paper and CoEx sealing layer. It is beneficial for e.g. dry products, and offers a unique and authentic look to the final product. WIth up to 20.000 seals / lids on a reel. See more.

PRIMOpet CoEx – Sealable lids in a quality as thin as 23 microns material. PRIMOpet CoEx offers high barrier properties, high puncture resistance and easy peel. Enjoy several hours of production, without manpower for refilling!

PRIMOmembrane – PRIMOmembrane is a product by Primoreels® for UF “Feta” cheese production – It has pearlized OPP and Nonpermeable plastic membranes. Read more.

PRIMOslip – With this packaging the cheese slips out of the cup easily! Without sticking to the container. Our PRIMOslip contains only organic substances that are easily biodegradable and are not harmful to the environment. It´s ch´easy…

PRIMOantifoam – Customers prefers no foam on their cheese products. Spray our antifoam product on your cheese product to eliminate any potential bubbles on top of the cheese curd and for a much smoother surface. Manufactured by the latest technology.


Easy to install – The Primoreels® systems are tailormade specific and can be adapted to any type and brand of filling machine – old or new. Please contact us for a complete lidding /seals solution. We provide excellent service and delivery worldwide.

Lower CO2 impact – Choose Primoreels® pallets and reduce your carbon footprint. We offer reduced environmental impact from storage and freight. Our pallets contain more than twice the number of lids. Significantly less waste equals Primoreels® money saving system!

Better hygiene an food safety – We deliver your Primoreels® system implemented with a UV treatment tunnel as a standard – for easy and inexpensively treatment. OR choose Claranors patented pulsed light technology. An excellent choise for fragile and demanding products. Get ultra clean standards with Claranors pulsed light treatment.

Improved customer experience – Get more value with the Primoreels® concept: Saving manpower in your production with quicker and less frequent refills. 50% less storage space compared to conventional stacks. Superior puncture resistance. Smoother and glossier surface. Primoreels® has no skeleton waste material!


Primoreels®, sealable lids from reels – The Primoreels® units are always tailor-made to suit your specific filling machine. We delivers a complete lidding solution with seals on reels that are untouched by human hands. No risk of cross-contamination and higher food safety. One reel contains up to 40.000 sealable lids.

Approvals – Primoreels® ensures continuously high quality through effective quality management by having dedicated highly skilled employees at all levels of the organization. We follow the developments of legal requirements and demands. Primoreels has achieved certificates from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration: See latest report.

PRIMOretrofit – The Primoreels® systems are tailor-made units that can be adapted to any type and brand of filling machine – old / retrofit or new. Each one of our systems have their own touch screen panels and controls, making them independent units. Enjoy a very user-friendly system! Significant less waste of material, no risk of cross-contamination, and higher food safety. Please contact us for any enquiry.


News – Read our exciting news on development, collaborations, certificates, and more. We offer exciting innovative solutions – money saving, patented seals og reels and a lidding-system for your specific dairy products – tailor-made for you. Delivery worldwide. Let us collaborate and make efficient changes and great ROI together!


About Primoreels – Primoreels A/S was founded in 2008. Read about Primoreels® more than 60 years of experience within the dairy industry. Our money saving systems and seals / lids has been a milestone within the dairy industry. Primoreels® has become a well-established partner for manufacturers in the dairy sector and the water / juice industry all across the world.