Hygienic packaging with improved customer experience

The Primoreels® concept offers added value to its customers by:

  • Saving manpower in your production. The Primoreels® system means quicker and less frequent refills.
  • Less storage space required. Primoreels® occupies 50% less storage space compared to conventional die cut lids from stacks.
  • Thinner lids. Primoreels® systems operate with metalized PET lids as thin as 36 or even 23 microns.
  • For “on the go” products – a Primoreels® PET lid with superior puncture resistance eliminates the use of expensive snap-on cover lids.
  • No embossed or granulated surface required. Smoother and glossier surface, improved printing quality and aesthetics of the lids.
  • Primoreels® has no skeleton waste material in contrast to traditional roll fed systems where a skeleton waste of 50% is not unusual.