Improved costumer experience

Hygienic packaging with improved customer experience

The Primoreels® concept offers added value to its customers by:

  • Saving manpower in your production. The Primoreels® system means quicker and less frequent refills.
  • Less storage space required. Primoreels® occupies 50% less storage space compared to conventional die cut lids from stacks.
  • Thinner lids. Primoreels® systems operate with metalized PET lids as thin as 36 or even 23 microns.
  • For “on the go” products – a Primoreels® PET lid with superior puncture resistance eliminates the use of expensive snap-on cover lids.
  • No embossed or granulated surface required. Smoother and glossier surface, improved printing quality and aesthetics of the lids.
  • Primoreels® has no skeleton waste material in contrast to traditional roll fed systems where a skeleton waste of 50% is not unusual.


The Primoreels Lidding System is successfully installed on numerous filling mashines around the World. Today the Primoreels System is considered by many of our customers to be the lidding system of the future.

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