Lower CO2 impact

Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduced environmental impact from storage and freight. Primoreels® pallets contain more than twice the number of lids.
  • Thinner lids. Primoreels® systems operate with metalized PET foil as thin as 23 or 36 microns.
  • Eliminate snap-on cover lids. Primoreels® PET lids have a superior puncture resistance so one lid is enough.
  • Significantly less waste. With Primoreels® the only waste is the cardboard reel and sealed delivery bag.
Cut your carbon impact

CO2 emissions when producing PET lids are significantly lower than for aluminium lids

Note: All figures are kilograms carbon dioxide equivalents per kilogram of material produced (kg CO2/kg). The bars compare the carbon intensity of the material when produced from virgin resources or from recycled materials. Sources: DEFRA, Fraunhofer Insistute.

  • Primoreels® minimize the skeleton waste material. Rollstock contains waste material of up to 56% for Ø95 mm cups.
  • Primoreels® systems reduce skeleton waste to less than 20%.