Successful production of sealable lids on reels.

Maj 16. 2018, Article from Erhvervsavisen.

The company Primoreels in Vipperød near Holbæk is successful in producing sealable lids on reels for the dairy industry.

Primoreels delivers lids that are sealed on, yogurt cups or on cups with feta cheese, which is a widely used product in Turkey and a number of Arab countries.
At the same time, Primoreels sells machines that can provide that the lids, can be sealed on cups out at the individual food producer.

From Turkey to the whole world
As born out of the company Primodan, the starting point for Primoreels in 2008 was almost only the Middle East.  Primodan has sold a large part of its filling machines for feta cheese production, and Primoreel’s production of lids was at the time closely linked to the sister company.
“Turkey still constitutes more than half of our activities, but today is Primoreel’s significantly more than cover attached to feta cheese”.
“Our customers are the dairy industry in general, and that is why we are now focusing on to grow in Europe and the US” points out Henrik Sahlberg.

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