Yogurt lids are an essential part of any yogurt packaging. At Primoreels we have pioneered unique and innovative ways of working with yogurt lids and improving upon solutions we offer to our clients. 

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What are some important challenges for our yogurt lids?

When it comes to yogurt lids, there are a few key features we consider to be important. First and foremost, they need to be easy to open. This is especially important for people who are on-the-go and need to quickly grab a snack.  

Additionally, yogurt lids should be durable and able to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage. This is a challenge when it comes to thinner membranes, such as those we pioneer at Primoreels. Our sealable yogurt lids are as thin as 23 microns (unless we are talking about yogurt lids for a larger cup format, in which case, the lids are of a slightly thicker quality: 36 microns). 

Yet, even with a much thinner lid, our yogurt lids excel in durability – through the past few decades, our innovative technology has allowed us to bypass challenges to the packaging industry, and we are immensely proud to be able to offer sealable yogurt lids for our clients. 

Hygiene is also of immense importance when we’re talking about yogurt lids. That’s why we at Primoreels have partnered up with Claranor and their unique pulsed light technology, that allow for a very smooth sanitation process in packaging with sealable yogurt lids.  

Advantages using Primoreels’ solution for yoghurt lids

Our sealable lid technology is suitable for a variety of food items besides yogurt including ice cream, desserts, feta and other UF white cheeses, processed cream cheese, butter, salad spreads, dips and sauces, peanut butter, fruit salads, water and fruit juice, instant noodles and soups, snacks, and more. 


  • Features improved printing quality when compared to traditional die cut lids with an embossed surface.  
  • Easy to install. 
  • The system is highly hygienic and includes standard UV treatment, while a pulsed light “Claranor” system is also available for extra fragile products. 
  • This simple and efficient system requires a relatively low investment and reduces storage and freight costs.  
  • Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly when compared to die cut aluminum lids. 

Sustainability in the industry

At Primoreels, we consider sustainability to be a natural extension of our commitment to innovation. As such, we of course want to seriously consider the environmental impact when it comes to our sealable yogurt lids. 

We know that it is a high priority for many of our clients, and consumers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly packaging options, and yogurt lids are no exception.  

We have begun taking steps in measuring the environmental impacts of our sealable lid products. In 2023 a life cycle check was conducted on one of our thin lid products. Some of the advantages is, that our lids are thin, relative to the competition, and that we can minimize packaging thanks to our lids-on-reels system. 

This is, of course, just the beginning – we look forward to working towards more sustainability goals in the future. 

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The Primoreels Lidding System is successfully installed on numerous filling mashines around the World. Today the Primoreels System is considered by many of our customers to be the lidding system of the future.

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